Yup. My boyfriend likes the dinner alot and might be eating again next month. Then we will reserve seats with you again.

- Suxuan on Boyfriend’s Birthday -

Hi, my ppl has left. Thanks for everything. It has been wonderful. Yr staffs n Alan r friendly n prompt. Nw awaiting 4 my boss to finish his makan. Hope to c u again.

- Annie -


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When we anchored on the shores of Lion City, Singapore, the original name of Kublai Khan Mongolian Barbeque was revived, in attest to the explorative spirits of Singaporeans.

Located conveniently on the 4th floor of Park Mall, The Restaurant is filled with historical magic. As many will notice, the right corner of the doorway sits a sculpture of horses. It conveys our warmest welcome as in the olden days when travelling horsemen would fasten their horses with tether before each meal.

Right in the hall, an arc can be seen projected off where the cashier is. Ascending above it, the ceiling is in brilliant blue as beautiful as Mongolian summer sky. This evokes feelings of being in an open Mongolian tent and the pleasure of a sumptuous meal.

Outside the reception area, the rustic pattern of rocks can be seen extending all the way to the entrance. We can certainly relate this to a trip from an ancient Chinese city, crossing across the Great Wall of China into a Mongolian state. Although back then, torches not unlike those lights on the wall presently would shine and show the way.

The restaurant is staged like a Mongolian state! Various flags symbolizing different tribes and the unevenly draped banners personifying the harness of a storm blowing across the deserts. The place depicts a homebase where Mongolian Warriors would rest and train.

During meals, three of the weapons like spears would be propped up to support the roast ceremoniously. The other weapons would be laid down temporarily in favor of the rejuvenating barbeque. Thus, the grills are built on 3 legs. The interesting and wondrous weapons from the ancient are also on display. The Mighty Khan’s hunting parties would gather in droves to celebrate their hunting successes. The Mongols would prepare silvers of meat and vegetables by slicing them with their razor sharp swords. They would then cook their food by searing them on their overturned shields that were heated by a blazing fire. Kublai Khan and his fiercest warriors would enjoy the food prepare for him on a large, roaring hot griddle. This is the Barbeque Pit with 3 legs at the Barbeque area which depicts the 3 spears used in that era.

A musical instrument (Ma Tee Chin) adds to the flavor and ambience of this restaurant.

The guest could visualize how they would be treated as homecoming warriors who have braved the Chinese City and are now back at home. Laying down their weapons, they will be treated in exhilaration, the best service and food.

Address – 9 Penang Road #04-01, Park Mall Singapore 238459

Tel : 63344888 , Fax : 63342324

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Mongolian BBQ is a combination of freshly sliced meat, accompaniments and sauces prepared in Mongolian style. Chefs will demonstrate their unique culinary expertise in full view of all our diners at the heart of our restaurant. Read more…

International Seafood Buffet Selection

With a spread of variety selection, our seafood buffet consists of the following mouth watering selections. With fresh seafood steamed to perfection on a bed of crushed ice. Craving for chilli crab? Our very own famous chilli crab is available throughout the dinner buffet along with baked oysters with melted Parmesan cheese. A definite must have for all seafood lovers out there. Read more…

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