Kublai Khan International Seafood Buffet Dinner

Mongolian BBQ, Japanese Cuisine, Seafood Buffet, Western Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine
With Flower Crab, Sashimi, Sushi, Sweet Clams, Tiger Prawn, Chilli Crabs,
Baked Oyster, Mussels, Squids, Fish Maw Soup, Teppanyaki, Seafood Claypot,
Fresh Fruits, Ice-Cream, Free flow of Drinks, Coffee, Hot Chocolate

Dinner Buffet Menu


soupSoup Corner
Mushroom Puff Pastry Soup
Slow Braised Fish Maw
Served with Black Vinegar, Coriander Leaves and White Pepper Powder



saladGarden Green Salad Selection
Tossed Caesar Salad, Air flown Compound Salad, Sliced Japanese Cucumber,
Sliced Tomatoes, Mixed Bean Salad, Russian Potatoes Salad, Shredded Carrot
Dressing & Condiments: 1000 Island, Vinaigrette, Parmesan and Crouton.



Mongolian BBQ

bbqMongolian BBQ Selection
Mongolian BBQ is a combination of freshly sliced meat, accompaniments and sauces prepared in Mongolian style. Chefs will demonstrate their unique culinary expertise in full view of all our diners at the heart of our restaurant.
Beef, Lamb, Chicken Pineapple, Mushrooms, Spring Onions, Green Pepper, Chilli,
Onions, Carrots, Cabbage, Kang Kong, Bean Sprouts, Chinese Parsley.


Japanese Cuisine

sushiSushi Maki / Cold Dish Selection
6 Varieties of Sushi / Maki
Chilled Green & White Saba with Soyu, Chilled Tofu, Green Seaweed, Chuka
Salad and Cucumber Salad



salmonSashimi Selection
Norwegian Fresh Salmon
Yellow Fin Tuna
Tai Fillet



sushi2Chef Action – Teppanyaki Station
Chicken, Cream Dory, Shishamo, Tou’s Meow & Spaghetti Carbonara, Tempura Prawn





Seafood Buffet

prawnSeafood on Ice
Poached Tiger Prawn
Poached CrayFish
Poached Baby Octopus
Poached NZ Half Shell Mussel
Poached Half Shell Scallop
Condiment: Cocktail Sauce


Chinese Cuisine

claypotTraditional Clay Pot Selection
Sze Chuan Chicken with Dry Chilli
Braised Assorted Mushroom with Seafood




DIY Station – Tom Yum Noodle/Laksa
Served with Vermicelli Noodle and Yellow Mee, accompanied with Shrimps, Squid,
Crab Sticks, Straw Mushroom, Bean Sprout and Shredded Cabbage
Condiments: Fried Shallot




Hot Entree Selection


Hot Entree Selection
Kampong Satay
Singapore Chilli Crab
Fried Man Tou
Wok Fried Tiger Prawn with Cereal
Italian Chicken Picatta

chinese2Sambal White Clam
Crispy Fried Dory Tossed with Lemon Sauce
Seasonal Veggie with Three Kind of Mushrooms in Oyster sauce
Deep Fried Egg Tofu topped with Crab Meat and Egg White Sauce
Crispy Cocktail Chicken Nugget
Vegetarian Spring Roll
Braised Chinese cabbage with Light Oyster sauce and Wolfberry
Thai Pineapple Rice topped with Mixed Fruits and Chicken Floss
Condiments: Chili Sauce, Ketchup and Tartar Sauce


beverages2Hot Beverages
Freshly brewed Coffee, Milk Tea & Hot Chocolate




beveragesCold Beverages
Free flow with choice of Coke, Sprite, Ice Lemon Tea and Bandung





Dessert Items

choc-fondueHot & Cold Dessert Selection
Accompanied with Strawberry, Marshmallow, Banana, Grapes, Dates and Prunes
White Fungus with Lotus Seed



pastriesPastries / Cake Selection
Mini Oreo Cheesecake
Mini Black Forest Cake
Mini Mango Mousse Cake
Mini Fruit Tarts
Pandan Cake


fruitsTropical Fresh Fruit Selection
Honeydew Melon
Dragon Fruit


agarAgar Agar and Cocktail Selection
Chilled Longan Beancurd
Chilled Fruit Cocktail
Mango and Coffee Pudding, Chinese Herbal Jelly with Sugar Syrup



Untitled-13Ice Cream Selection
With choice of Chocolate & Vanilla Flavor topped with Chocolate Sauce





Finger Food

fingerFinger Food
Breaded Salted Egg Squid
Vietnamese Spring Roll
Cereal Prawns
Crispy Mini Crabs
Mongolian Mushroom Balls
Mini Pizza

*The menu listed is subject to changes without any prior notice.


Local Buffet Lunch

Mongolian BBQLocal CuisineGarden Fresh Salad, Local Desserts, Fruits
Mongolian Barbeque, Deep Fried Chicken Wings, Sweet & Sour Fish, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Curried Samosa, Spring Rolls/Ngoh Hiang, Curry Chicken etc Assosrted Salads, Kimchi. Ice Kachang, Ice Jelly. Puffed Cream of Mushroom Soup,Assorted Sushi Fresh Fruits, Free flow of Drinks, Coffee, Hot Chocolate

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