Hi, the event tonight was a success: thanks to you & your colleagues. I would like to thank you and your colleagues for making it happen



Good Job, Ida!

Hi, I didn’t get to ask many. but those that I did approach loved the dinner 🙂 The variety was large and the bbq was really an experience D I liked the MUSHROOM POT PIE! I’ll definitely go again if I get to!

Guan Rong


Firstly: I must say that my time there was enriched fia-ther by the company I was with.

The variety of food was like any other buffet (Except Ellensborough at Swissotel Merchant Couat which is WOW-LOADS): and the highlight (the Mongolian BBQ) was pretty wonderful. I actually liked it!

The atmosphere is nice: plus service is actually good.

Maybe they should invest in a better chocolate fondue set? The one they have is pathetic.

The hot chocolate, though from a machine, is damn nice!!

Was reading previous reviews and I believe that the negative reviewer might have visited the place ages ago: and is not like what she has described.

The sashimi is only presented on the serving tray when there is a demand: which there was because I am a sashimi lover. Not extra-fresh: but its good enough for a fusion buffet place.

THEIR CREAM OF MUSHROOM in the pastry-covered bowl is damn nice!!!

I also recommend this place for

Type of meal: Buffet, Dinner

Occasion: Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family, Client Meeting/Business Dining, Boys Night Out/Girls Night Out, After Work

Atmosphere: Quiet/Peaceful, Hidden Find

Others: Wheelchair Friendly


Great variety reasonably priced

good if you are looking for a buffet restaurant with great variety and reasonably priced.

Paying less than $30 per pax, my friends and I actually thought this buffet was well worth the moolah. The fare was definitely much better than most other common buffet spreads of Singapore that charge about the same rate. PLUS: they offer a pleasant surprise — the Mongolian BBQ, definitely not something you get everyday in this city.

The bill was easily settled upon our departure. The staff, though remaining smile-less and conversing mostly in heavily accentuated mandarin was efficient.

I also recommend this place for

Type of meal Buffet: Dinner

Occasion : Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family

Atmosphere : Vibrant/Noisy, Hidden Find


In my mind, going to Mongolian Barbeque means eating unusual foods that are belong to Mongolian.

With that thinking I went to Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ & International Buffet. I may not be going there if not for my friend: Veronica though. She gave me a birthday treat there.

I found out that my thinking is totally wrong!

The restaurant is actually adopting the way Mongolian cooked their food but the foods are not Mongolian at all.

I enjoyed picking thinly sliced beef and chicken in the amount I thought I can finish it myself mixed with various vegetables in a bowl.

The restaurants staff then adds in the right sauces to go along with my meat and vegetables selection.

After that [put the bowl at the counter in which the chef will take it together with other bowls and stir fry them on a large: round: solid iron griddle with 3 foot long chopsticks.

Its interesting to watch these chefs dance around the griddle.

Here is the picture of the dancing chef.


How does the food taste?

Its yummy! Smell good and cooked just nice. One bowl may not be enough though.

The barbeque is the highlight at Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ. However there are other types of foods to go along with the barbeque.

It was said that 150 dishes are available for us to choose from Japanese cuisine and Chinese cuisine to Seafood buffet.

My choice of starter is oyster. Its really fresh!

By the way: you can ask one of the chefs to prepare few pieces of oyster for you if they are not on display.

After the oyster: I took many other dishes from soup to dessert.


And, here is Veronica enjoying her sushi.


A good thing about the food here is they are no pork or lard. The place is also clean & fresh without smoke or food smell.

With 300 seating capacity, the Kublai Khan Mongolian Barbeque is also an ideal place if you want to host a social gathering, company functions, or birthday party.


Veronica’s Friend

Dear Manager,

Two suggestions

1. Mongolian Music: Dorms etc

2. Uniforms: Mongolian Uniforms for the staff

Your food is great!!



Hi, my ppl has left. Thanks for everything. It has been wonderful. Yr staffs n Alan r friendly n prompt. Nw awaiting 4 my boss to finish his makan. Hope to c u again.


Yup. My boyfriend likes the dinner alot and might be eating again next month. Then we will reserve seats with you again.

Suxuan on Boyfriend’s Birthday

I visited your restaurant on 15/3/17 @6pm. I would like to compliment Ms Yvone, the manager, and her team members for the warm hospitality and smile. We had an enjoyable evening with my group of 8 friends. The food was great. Thanks.

Ishak Ibrahim