Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ Restaurant

Located at Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-01, Singapore 059817 (Yellow Zone)

When we anchored on the shores of Lion City, Singapore, the original name of Kublai Khan Mongolian Barbeque was revived, in attest to the explorative spirits of Singaporeans.

Located conveniently on the 2nd floor of Clarke Quay Central, overlooking the Singapore River with a magnificent view of it. The contemporary shopping mall sits on a site directly above Clarke Quay MRT station.

From the main escalator entrance you’re greeted by being at the very center of the restaurant surrounded by glass walls. By the right corner of the entrance your also greeted with a sculpture of a horse. It conveys our warmest welcome as in the olden days when travelling horsemen would fasten their horses with tether before each meal.chef

During meals, three of the weapons like spears would be propped up to support the roast ceremoniously. The other weapons would be laid down temporarily in favor of the rejuvenating barbecue. Thus, the grills are built on 3 legs. The interesting and wondrous weapons from the ancient are also on display. The Mighty Khan’s hunting parties would gather in droves to celebrate their hunting successes. The Mongols would prepare slivers of meat and vegetables by slicing them with their razor sharp swords. They would then cook their food by searing them on their overturned shields that were heated by a blazing fire. Kublai Khan and his fiercest warriors would enjoy the food prepare for him on a large, roaring hot griddle. This is the Barbecue Pit with 3 legs at the Barbecue area which depicts the 3 spears used in that era.

Advancing from our previous home we’ve landed at our current place we call home, that reflects a calming and soothing moonlight during dinner makes you visualize how the homecoming warriors who braved the Chinese City sitting in a ever-familiar place awaiting for another prosperous tomorrow.

Capacity: 300 Persons

Engagement Ceremony

Birthday Party

Social Gathering

Company Functions

Special Occasions & other Celcbrations

VIP Room

Prayer Room